[FANACCS] 161029 Super Junior Kyuhyun 2nd Solo Concert ‘Reminiscence of a Novelist’ in Seoul Day 1

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Siwon, Changmin and Heechul came to watched Kyuhyun’s concert today. (teukables)

Kyuhyun said because a lot of people are worried so he is showing us pictures of his vocal chords. He is explaining his vocal chords to us with a laser like a doctor (teukables)

Kyuhyun showing his throat photo before and after treatment. He said now he is healthy but during his nodule problem he wanted to hit hight notes but his voice didnt come out (kyufany)

At the concert Kyuhyun sang his new song. The song was his 3rd album called ‘니마음’ (kyufany)

Kyuhyun says the new album will be out in 2 weeks! (teukables)

Kyuhyun wearing his Mozart costume but without the wig. He is renacting ‘Mozart’ and singing it perfectly. And Kyuhyun is reanacting musical ‘Werther’ that’s why he is acting drun. Kyuhyun also reanacting musical ‘The Days’ and sang ‘Saranghaetjiman’.  The hillarious part of when he sang ‘Saranghaetjiman’ is he shot his own head with toy gun lmao whole audiences are cracking up.  (kyufany)

Kyuhyun sang his main songs from Mozart, Werther and The Days.. it’s like a musical concert (StellaTWloveKyu)

He also acted like a zombie on ‘Train to Busan’. and he just wrote a short letter a la The Days, but to ELF. Something about him leaving for 2 yrs soon. Dunno of i got it correctly kkk (Hit0rigurashi)

Kyuhyun: Seems like most audience are women here. I personally like male audiences.
Kyuhyun: Not that I like males! Of course I like women

The second floor male fans was waving to Kyuhyun like “here here….”. and Kyuhyun was like “ne ne…” (kyufany)

Kyuhyun is asking everyone’s age and he asked ‘Who is in their teens?’ and Heechul raised his hand. (teukables)

Kyuhyun is doing survey of the fans based on our age. 20s 30s 40s 50s until 60s and there were some fans in their 60s raise the hands (kyufany)

There fans in their 10s and then Kyuhyun was like me?? Why no EXO or SHINee (chewykyu)

Kyuhyun is reading a letter from ELF fanboy!!!!!! When Kyuhyun read the part “Hyung Saranghaeyo”. He was laughing.
He was searching the fanboy who wrote that among us!!!! And the fanboy came today!!!! He is talking to the fanboy now (kyufany)

Kyuhyun sang Sung Si Kyung’s song ‘You Are My Spring’ (DaeDreamz894) and ‘Love Again’ by Im Chang Jung!! (chewykyu)

He also parodying ‘Show Me the Money 2’ (chewykyu)

The background music of Kyuhyun’s VCR are all D&E’s songs just now it was Choki Wa and now its Skeleton. (teukables)

Kyuhyun is doing rap now and he’s wearing Eunhyuk’s jacket that he wore during Super Camp?? He looks like Eunhyuk. (teukables)

The rap song is Bewhy – Forever.  It’s that why he called his rap name ‘GyuWhy’. (chewykyu)

After GyuWhy he stripped off his shirts one by one. So many layers. I wish he didn’t stop taking them off though. (Hit0rigurashi)

Kyuhyun sang Twice – Cheer Up accoustic version.  (kyufany)

Kyuhyun is dancing to Twice ‘Cheer Up’. Heechul is enjoying this. Kyuhyun was like Heechul is also here so Heechul stood up and Kyuhyun told him to dance to Cheer Up. (teukables)

During Cheer Up, Heechul waving and dancing at the 2nd floor (Hit0rigurashi)

Yesung came out and gave Kyuhyun flowers. Kyuhyun told Yesung to dance and Yesung didn’t wanna but he did anyway. (teukables)

Yesung asked Kyuhyun to read the message card and Kyuhyun looked and said: “Okay” but Yesung asked him to read it out. So Kyuhyun read in super fast mode. (kyud0n)

Yesung: As Kyuhyun is preparing his album, Iam also preparing my album
Kyuhyun: Hey, are you lying?
Yesung: No, this is true

During ‘A Million Pieces’ he is trying to cover his thighs bcs he is still wearing thorn jeans.  (kyufany)

Kyuhyun is doing devil now!
Kyuhyun: (Devil and Magic) were originally sung by 10 members so it was so tiring but I really miss the members. (teukables)

Siwon, Changmin, dan Heechul menonton konser Kyuhyun hari ini. (teukables)

Kyuhyun berkata bahwa karena banyak orang yang khawatir tentang pita suaranya jadi dia menunjukkan gambar pita suaranya menggunakan laser seperti seorang dokter. (teukables)

Kyuhyun menunjukkan foto tenggorokannya saat sebelum dan sesudah pengobatan pita suaranya.Kyuhyun mengatakan bahwa sekarang ia sudah sembuh tapi ketika pita suaranya masih bermasalah saat ia ingin mengambil nada tinggi suaranya malah tidak keluar. (kyufany)

Ketika konser Kyuhyun menyanyikan lagu baru dari mini album barunya yang ketiga ‘니마음’. (kyufany)

Kyuhyun mengatakan bahwa album barunya akan keluar 2 minggu lagi. (teukables)

*Segitu aja ya translatenya? Terlalu banyak 🙂


One thought on “[FANACCS] 161029 Super Junior Kyuhyun 2nd Solo Concert ‘Reminiscence of a Novelist’ in Seoul Day 1

    – BALLAD, HIP HOP, REGGAE, RAP, MUSICAL, (his Davil and magic was creatively wrapped).
    – Ballad concert but was very fun and interesting concert
    – education concert – hik hik hik
    – Duet with himself – great performance
    – Kyuhyun Cheer up song / dance really tickles your heart
    – Kyuhyun present the concert – charming, funny, cute, hot/sexy , most of all , His Heaven voice, unforgettable even


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